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Ruben Studdard's American Idol Songs

 Ruben Studdard's american idol audition "Ribbon in The Sky" includes judges comments

 Ruben Studdard sings "Superstar" includes judges comments. Simon with an encouraging comment isntead of ripping on some one's performance.

 Ruben Studdard american idol performance "Baby I Need Your Loving" Ruben has such a great voice, really great singer

 Ruben Studdard sings "A Whole New World"

 Ruben Studdard american idol song "Sweet Home Alabama" Ruben is really great, not only can he sing so well, but he seemingly can sing songs of any style. Includes judges comments

 Ruben sings "Can't Enough of Your Love, Babe" on american idol season 2 top 9. Includes judges comments - Simon saying that Ruben should win the season 2.

 Ruben Studdard's american idol song "Kiss And Say Goodbye"

 Ruben Studdard sings "Just The Way You Are" on american idol season 2 top 7

 Ruben Studdard's top 6 american idol performance "Music of My Heart"

 Ruben Studdard sings "Ain't Too Proud to beg" on season 2 of american idol. Such a great performance, though many of Ruben's are. Includes judges comments

 Ruben Studdard's top 5 performance "Breaking Up is Hard to Do"

 Ruben Studdard sings "Nights on Broadway" I like this song by Ruben. Includes judges comments

 Ruben Studdard's american idol performance - "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart"

 Ruben Studdard sings "Signed, Sealed, Delivered I am Yours" it's just so amazing that Ruben can sing songs from any style and still sing them very well, most singers have a preffered style that they are best at

 Ruben Studdard sings "Smile" on american idol season 2 top 3, includes judges comments

 Ruben's american idol performance "If Ever You're In My Arms Agaian"

 Ruben Studdard singing "A House is Not a Home" on american idol season 2 finale

 Ruben Studdard's american idol finale song "Imagine"

 Ruben Studdard's final american idol season 2 song "Flying Without Wings"

Ruben is one great singer, seemingly able to pull off any song regardless of its style. All controversy aside, he deserves to win.

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